We leverage our vast experience in analyzing claims and cost data, pharmaceutical research and development data, clinical data from EHRs and patient behavior and sentiment data to help you maintain the continuity of care for your patients through our common IntelliH platform and also improve the quality of care they receive enhancing their overall experience with you.  We integrate information across multiple EHRs, facilitate automated medication reconciliation and chronic care management and analyze patient responses and their clinical data to identify and help mitigate gaps in care.  We derive insights to risk stratify your patients to help you better manage their care, reduce readmissions and emergency room visits and overall costs of care.


Advanced analytics helps reduce process flaws, saving time and money for the Manufacturing and Industries. In the recent past manufacturers have been able to reduce waste and variability in their production processes and improved product quality and throughput following various programs. Nevertheless, for Industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, and Mining, for example, extreme swings in variations are quite likely. With the given complexity of production processes influencing the output, manufacturers need a microscopic insight to identifying and correcting process flaws. In order to help this, Advanced analytics provides the right approach.

Advanced analytics is about the application of statistics and other mathematical tools to the business data for assessing and improving the manufacturing processes. The users may take help of advanced analytics for better insights to historical process data, recognize and discern patterns and relationships among discrete process steps and inputs, and optimize the controlling factors to improve the outputs. Industries across the world in various countries now have ample real-time shop-floor data and the means to conducting sophisticated statistical assessments and taking previously isolated data sets, aggregating and analysing them to unfold important insights.


We help you create a data centric vision for your company , gather and integrate disparate sources of data , use  multiple factors and expert algorithms to surface patterns and understand trends so that you can take better decisions, reduce risk in risk selection and  improve pricing methodologies, operational efficiency, claim processing and overall claim adjudication.

Our Predictive Models which use Data Mining and Text Mining technologies will provide you actionable output that will allow you to retain profitable customers and brokers, identify frauds and potentially expensive claims for better adjudication, and allow you to embed operational analytics into your workflow for competitive outcomes with customers and marketable competitive advantage against the competition.


We help our clients identify effective treatments and practical intervention dosages and levels and to compare between competing treatments using Meta- Analysis.

We have done Meta –Analysis using Binomial likelihood, logit link, Random & Fixed Effect models using data reported by different researchers meeting certain test criteria and calculated best probabilities and rankograms with network diagrams for pairwise and indirect treatment comparisons. Both frequentist and Bayesian Framework approaches have been used and results have been compared. Analysis of Patient characteristic was also done.